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Bisexualplayground is a popular online dating community for bisexual and bi-curious singles/couples. With an extensive member base, this site always has somebody to chat or hook up with. BPground has numerous features that are not only handy but also quite liberal. For instance, the site lets you upload 100s of photos depicting nudity, intimacy and sex. At the same time, it also lets you keep ‘private photos’ that can only be viewed by some specific members. In case you’re just getting started with the site, here’s a quick glimpse of its features.


Bisexualplayground comes with numerous high-value features. Whether you want to manage online buddies, search for members by their state or even share private photos with a few members; this site lets you do it all.

Among all features, the photos tab is highly impressive as it allows the users to change and edit their photos as per their convenience. For instance, they can change the description and even the permission of their online photos. The Photopin tab is particularly handy as it can be used to view and change the photopin from time to time. This tab protects the private photos of the users.

Bisexualplayground also provides some personalized search options for the users. It lets them search for members by their state, orientation and updated profile. It also allows them to view the last ‘login time’ of a member.

Sending texts, emails, IMs to fellow singles is an easy job on Bisexualplayground. This site also lets you send ‘Niceness’ and smileys to your buddies as well. Besides these features, you can also use this platform to manage your friends and comment/rate the profiles of other members.

So whether you want to hookup or start a simple chat conversation; this site will surely meet your purpose.

Additional features

Bisexualplayground comes with a never-ending list of features that truly lives up to the expectations of bi-sexual singles. The additional features of the site include the facility of reading and browsing through the forums, browsing bisexual personals and participating in innovative dating contests.

Ease of use

Bisexualplayground is easy to use and quick to navigate. However, the site isn’t really sleek or smart like its contemporaries. The structure and the appearance of the site should be upgraded and improved by the makers. This will add a chic and smart ‘feel’ to it.


According to BPground, they do not collect any information that is voluntarily or willingly provided by the users. They may or may not collect your social security number, employer information and your internet usage information. Over all, the site scores fairly good in matters of privacy.

Membership and subscription

Bisexualplayground comes with a monthly, tri-monthly, six-monthly and yearly package. The monthly package is for $20, tri-monthly package is for $40, six-monthly is for $60 and the yearly package is for $80.

Final Verdict

With its smart features and flexible chatting options; BisexualPlayGround is totally worth a shot. Whether you’re looking for a heart to heart conversation, casual sex or even committed relationships; this site can be a perfect platform for all of it.

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